What does the collab land bot do? (2023)

What does the collab land bot do?

In its simplest form, Collab. Land is a bot that a would-be moderator of a Discord of Telegram-based crypto community can download as an add-on. It offers a range of commands around group dynamics, public addresses, and token mints.

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Is collab land bot safe?

land is safe but there are many fake Collab. land bots that scam and cheat people. The easiest way I figured is checking the mutual servers of Collab. land matched all the servers you are in since other moderators would had kick it out if it is a scam account.

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How do you get collab land bot?

How to Set Up Collab.Land Bot on Discord for NFTs and DAOs

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Is collab land read only?

Collab.Land messages are always human readable and read-only. The message you get in Discord will match the message you sign.

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Does collab land cost money?

Collab. Land is free to use and features a wide range of prominent crypto communities, including identity-management project POAP and Fox Entertainment.

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How do I verify my wallet with collab land?

How to verify with Gnosis Safe Begin by clicking the “Let's Go!” button in the collabland-join channel of the Discord you would like to verify in. ... In an Immutable X community, go to the collabland-join channel and click the “Let's Go!” button. Select the “+ Verify with a new wallet” option from...

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How do I get NFT Discord verified?

How Do I verify my ownership?
  1. Go to the “Verification” tab in “Security Settings” under the drop down menu in the homepage.
  2. Click “Generate Secret Key” to generate a one-time secret key. ...
  3. Go to the “holders-verify” channel in the supported project's discord server and click “Verify My NFT Ownership”.*

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How do I track my Discord invites?

How to Track Invites on Discord - YouTube

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How do I link Discord to wallet?

How to link DISCORD to MetaMask with Collab.Land on Mobile

Does Collabland support polygon?

Alchemy's developer platform powers Collab. Land's connections to Ethereum and Polygon and is extending to Arbitrum and Optimism – all in one easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard.

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What permissions does collab land need?

Land has the proper permission in your Discord server settings.
  • Click on your server name and select Server Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Select Roles.
  • Select the Collab.Land role.
  • Select Permissions.
  • Toggle Administrator permission on.
Apr 25, 2022

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What is API collab land?

Collab. Land leverages the power of token ownership and verification to create social spaces that are unique to specific communities and networks. Alchemy's infrastructure and tooling provides the engine behind Collab.

What does the collab land bot do? (2023)
What is wallet connect?

WalletConnect is a bridge that connects Decentralized Applications (DApps) to your Bitcoin.com Wallet. Once you've approved a connection request from the DApp (via WalletConnect), the DApp can send transaction requests to your Bitcoin.com Wallet, which you must also manually approve in the Wallet.

How do I verify my wallet on Discord?

Once you have connected your wallet you will see another button Verify wallet . This will generate a signature to sign, verifying that you own the wallet.

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